potential utilization. With this type of outreach, clients continue to
to  seek TCS for the latest in custom therapies that include sourcing back-ordered, discontinued or even unavailable chemicals. In addition, TCS highlights a wide spectrum of equipment not only for compounding production, but also specialized medicine delivery systems to encourage safer and more effective treatment options for pharmacists, doctors, and their patients.

As a result of our strategic relationships with suppliers, TCS has become one of the industry’s best pharmaceutical sourcing agents. Through our synergistic approach, we have been able to offer the most advanced network of pharmaceutical solutions. 
Ultimately, we aim to benefit clients and their patients with more customized pharmaceutical resources that improve patient compliance and therapeutic outcomes.

TCS Pharmaceutical Enterprises is a key resource for pharmaceutical compounding professionals throughout the world. TCS continually seeks strategic alliances with top suppliers to effectively broker an essential portfolio of high quality pharmaceutical compounding products and services at competitive prices.  

From chemical & equipment sourcing to pharmacy licensing to expert consulting, TCS is sensitive to the needs of our clients. We are keenly focused on providing pharmacists and prescribing professionals access to essential compounding resources that save  time & money.

Our network capabilities extend into varied markets. TCS regularly introduces pharmaceutical resources to clients within new and even under-served regions to support a product’s potential

Our Network Partnerships Can Make a World of Difference for You

Our Vision


“It is our vision to provide pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and prescribing
professionals access to services, information and resources to assist them
in providing safe quality healthcare. We continue to offer a network of options to ensure that essential benefits of personalized healthcare reach
people around the world, improving lives, therapeutic outcomes and compliance.”

An Advanced Network of Pharmaceutical Solutions

Michael Haulsee, PharmD, CEO